The Hawaii Meth Project has decided to transition to an online-only program at the completion of the 2015-2016 school year. The following Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) provide more information about the transition process.

On behalf of the staff and Board of Directors of the Hawaii Meth Project, we thank you for your support of our program over the past seven years.

Online-Only Programming FAQs

  • Hawaii Meth Project set out in 2009 to reduce first-time Meth use among teens and young adults in Hawaii. Since then, we have reached hundreds of thousands of students, parents, and community members to spread the “Not Even Once” message. We are extremely proud of the work we have done and to many families, Hawaii Meth Project is a household name and a reliable source of information about Meth.
  • Without a comprehensive long-term funding stream in place, at this point, The Board of Directors made the decision to transition HMP from an outreach program to an online-only program to ensure that our valuable digital assets can be preserved.
  • These digital assets will include a newly redesigned website at and a Hawaii-specific Meth Prevention Lesson found at HMP will also retain the use of its branded name and logo, “Not Even Once” slogan, merchandise and logo items, video and audio commercials, and the seven HMP-branded social media channels.
  • Hawaii Meth Project will be officially ending its educational, school-based outreach as of February 19th, 2016. This includes any Meth Prevention Lessons, school rallies or assemblies, and informational presentations.
  • Select community outreach informational booths will be happening on a reduced scale on Oahu only until March 30th, 2016. The Break the Ice Art Contest will continue through its completion at the end of March.
  • June 2016 will be the official transition date.
  • The decision to transition to an online-only program and end all school and community outreach efforts was a difficult one. However, by focusing on preserving our digital assets and the “Not Even Once” message, we can continue educating Hawaii youth on the dangers of Meth in the most cost-effective and sustainable manner.
  • We are so grateful for the work of our current Teen Advisory Council and the previous six councils. With school presentations and community events being discontinued, there will be no need for future councils.
  • We know that HMP has a lot of supporters and we are still gratefully accepting donations to assist with remaining program costs and our digital assets, going forwrad. Please visit for various ways to give. Additionally, t-shirts will still be sold. Please contact

How can I stay involved?

  • Spread the word. Please utilize our Meth Prevention Lesson online at We have worked hard over the past few years to create an educational lesson tailored to our state. This website will continue to be available at no charge.
  • Give us your feedback. Please click the links below and complete our survey, which will help us demonstrate the impact of our program and services. This information will shared with our Board of Directors and partners throughout the state.
    • Community Partners: This survey is designed for any teachers, police officers, counselors, or other community organizations that partnered with Hawaii Meth Project over the years. Use this to express how Hawaii Meth Project has made a difference in your community.
    • Students: This survey is for any student that participated in a Meth Prevention Lesson in the past. Use this survey to help us evaluate the effectiveness of our programming in changing attitudes about Meth.
  • Write a letter of support. We would love to hear from you! Please share how Hawaii Meth Project has changed your life. How has Hawaii Meth Project served your school or community?
  • Send us a video. Use this as another way to express how Hawaii Meth Project has impacted your life. Help us put a face to the numbers!

Contact executive director Georgi DeCosta to submit your letter or video of support of our programs at or (808) 356-8752, ext 3.

Teen Advisory Council Mission Statement: “Hawaii Meth Project’s Teen Advisory Council empowers Hawaii’s youth with the ‘Not Even Once’ message, increases awareness of the dangers of methamphetamine, and strives to achieve a Meth-free Hawaii while sharing the spirit of Aloha.”


Thank your for your interest in the Hawaii Meth Project. For more information on how you can become involved in our work against Meth, visit the Get Involved page or contact us directly.

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