Hawaii Meth Project Joins The Coalition for a Drug-Free Hawaii

June 07, 2016 - Coalition continues statewide meth prevention efforts

HONOLULU – The Coalition for a Drug-Free Hawaii today announced the addition of the Hawaii Meth Project’s awareness and education program to its offering of innovative services aimed at creating healthy, drug- and violence-free communities in Hawaii.

The Hawaii Meth Project’s research-based campaigns and educational programs will be used as a resource for the Coalition for a Drug-Free Hawaii to expand its meth prevention efforts throughout the state, and carry out the organization’s mission to reduce and prevent drug abuse statewide through awareness, education and action.

“The Hawaii Meth Project is well known and highly regarded among communities statewide for its important work in prevention education and we are pleased to continue the efforts of this robust program as part of our Coalition,” said Coalition for a Drug-Free Hawaii Executive Director Alan Shinn. “Incorporating the Hawaii Meth Project’s brand and resources enables us to expand our efforts specific to meth prevention and extend our services to communities that need it most.”

Established in 1987, the Coalition for a Drug-Free Hawaii implements prevention programs through collaboration with key stakeholders including treatment centers, health and human service providers, schools, juvenile justice, law enforcement, and community groups. Central to the Coalition’s efforts is the Hawaii Prevention Resource Center, which will house the Hawaii Meth Project’s educational resources, including its Meth Prevention Lesson.

The Meth Prevention Lesson provides teens in middle and high schools with the facts, tools, and resources to understand the risks of methamphetamine and to influence their peers. This standard-based lesson leverages MethProject.org and provides teachers with engaging, easy-to-use materials to lead a 45-minute class.

“The Coalition for a Drug-Free Hawaii is a leader in the substance abuse prevention field with the resources necessary to empower and equip members of our community with the tools they need to continue the fight against meth,” said Georgianna DeCosta, outgoing executive director of the Hawaii Meth Project. “While meth is still the number-one drug threat to Hawaii, the Coalition will be a critical force in helping our communities understand and overcome this dangerous drug.”

Supporters of the Hawaii Meth Project’s mission can contribute to meth prevention efforts through support of the Coalition for a Drug-Free Hawaii. To learn more about the Coalition for a Drug-Free Hawaii visit http://www.drugfreehawaii.org/. The Hawaii Meth Project website continues to be a definitive source for information about meth for teens and can be accessed at http://hawaiimethproject.org/.

About the Coalition for a Drug-Free Hawaii
The Coalition for a Drug-Free Hawaii is a non-profit organization formed in 1987 out of a spirit of business and community concern to provide innovative services that help keep Hawaii’s children and families healthy, strong, and resilient against alcohol, tobacco, and other drug use.

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