I began using drugs to mask my emotional state. Needless to say by the time I was 13, I was using drugs and alcohol almost daily. The education systems was no longer a resource for obtaining information, yet a meeting place for my friends and I to create a negative social atmosphere.


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  • Lowest Low
    Leslie R.

    vUsing crystal meth is the worst thing I have ever done, and continues to haunt me today, even with two years clean...

    I could hear him talking to himself
    14 yrs old, Female

    I was at least 11 when my brother became the exact opposite of himself. My brother was popular, but for all the right things.

    Just This Once
    15 Yrs old, Female

    Ignite the flame,
    and light it up.
    You suck it in,
    your mind erupts.

  • my name is crystal meth...
    Solomon A.

    hi, nice to meet you said the angel of death- in case you wondered my name is crystal meth...

    2 years and it was all gone...
    Sollywood A.

    Thats all it took--2 years of her doing meth, and everything that we had- our house (foreclosed), 2 brand new cars (repossesed), $62,328 in the bank (spent)...

    Aira R.

    My cousin showed me a meth glass pipe, then she started telling me about all these things about it...

  • No Love From My Mom
    Christina M.

    My mom was on meth and other drugs ever since I was 4 years old...

    What next...
    Bel K.

    I began using out of curiousity. My boyfriend,his friends and their girlfriends all did it.I was the only one who didnt...

    I Didn't Even Know
    Olivia M.

    In January I heard the news. He had died. He had been in recovery for a meth addiction, relapsed, and died...



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